“And thy name shall be Dr. Hazelwood….and you shall be a doctor in the natural and in the Spirit….many shall come from around the world to be healed….and arms shall grow out and eyes be restored. And you shall see into the bodies of the people and perform surgery and they shall be healed”…..prophesy from Bishop B. Diane Berry,WWCF August, 1986.

"You have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordained you that you shall bring forth fruit and that your fruit shall remain. Whatever you ask the Father in my name shall be done. You shall go to the four corners of the earth and establish my Word and my Church. Many shall be saved, healed and delivered from divers diseases and torments. All shsll be for My glory said the Lord of Hosts.
October, 1987
To God Be the Glory

“Your ministry is great, healings like unto Bible times are yours for the people. Many shall be delivered from all types of mental ailments and bondages through your ministry. A great prophetic and teaching ministry is yours…. miracles, miracles, miracles” ….Bill Hamon’s Gifts of the Spirit Seminar, Christian International, 2006

Rhema Word



Logos and Rhema
This specific application of the Word of God to certain areas in our lives by way of guidance, encouragement, correction, illumination, etc. falls into a vital category.  There are two Greek words used in the Bible  for the WORD.  One is "Logos" and refers to the general revelation of God to us- the whole body of truth by which we live, the principles of Salvation, healing, spiritual life, etc.  The other Greek word is "Rhema" and refers to a specific revelation of God on a certain matter.  The "Rhema" is that word which is always proceeding out of the mouth of God.  Matt. 4:4. It is the way whereby God's word is not mere historical data, but fresh and vital today.
However, the "Rhema" always comes out of the "Logos".  God never speaks anything today which contradicts what He has said previously.  The "Rhema" causes faith to flow and whenever it comes forth something is going to happen.  The following scriptures all refer to the "Rhema of the word".  Rom. 10:8,17;Matt.4:4; Luke 5:5; John 3:34;,6:63,68; 15:7; Is. 55:11; Jer. 23:29.
Familiarise yourself with the Logos so that the Lord can bring the Rhema to you.
Word from the Lord...2007