Stepping Stones to Victory
Stepping Stones to Victory
Faith Walkers-under the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Faith Walkers Ministry began in December, 2007.   Min. A. Yvonne began to teach our youth how to be led of the Spirit in worship while walking back and forward down the aisles preparing the room for a move of God.  The entire atmosphere changed.  Some youth exclaimed that they had felt heavy before they walked and after they walked they felt lighter. Dr. Hazelwood  stated that the youth will walk not only during worship but also during praise and that they would be faith walkers (not seeing before hand but believing God for results).   On December 28,2007, God's Faith Walkers carried swords in warfare as they walked and praised. Their hands were lifted and eyes closed as they walked in worship.  A NEW MINISTRY TO THE GLORY OF GOD.
SOW Ministries would like to congratulate Sister Lyric for winning 1st place (cellphone) during our Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration.  Sister Lyric won the prize by reciting the most memory verses from Fall Quarter.
God Is Alive And Well
by Sarah W. Utterbach
God is alive and well and His Word will work for me.
God is alive and well and His Word will make me free.
God is alive and well and His Word will help me to be
A shining light in darkness for all the world to see.
I am a child who is loved; I am a child who is whole.
I am totally a child of God: in spirit, body, and soul.
My every thought is witty; and my decisions are wise
My daily goal in life is to press for the mark of the prize:
That is, the high calling of God that is in Christ Jesus.
Living for Him is really the only thing that frees us...
To be an asset to the world and to all of mankind;
I'll share godly wisdom from within a renewed mind.
I won't accept sin or sickness satan sends for my defeat,
This body is off limits to him and any of his deceit.
The foolish turn to drugs; they think it keeps them sane.
I have the mind of Christ and drugs will never dull my brain.
Smoking and drinking are things that tear the body down.
Unclean things can't enter where the Holy Spirit is found.
God designed sex in marriage for husbands and their wives
To express love for each other throughout their married lives.
I believe God has planned for and created my special mate.
Until the day I marry, sex is something for which I'll wait.
God is alive and well and His Word has worked for me.
God is alive and well and His Word has made me free.
God is alive and well and His Word is my guarantee,
That as I obey Him, I'll progress successfully.
Innovative Minds Appointed for Goals of Excellence (IMAGE)
IMAGE is a program designed to empower young ladies ages 5 through 18 with Biblical principles and life skill necessary to grow into women of high esteem, dignity, and infinite abilities.  Positive choices make a posive image! IMAGE meets on the first Saturdays. (unless otherwise noted in the church calendar).  Social outings are occasionally scheduled. See calendar for time and activity.

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