Dr. Sharon E. Hazelwood, Senior Pastor

“And thy name shall be Dr. Hazelwood….and you shall be a doctor in the natural and in the Spirit….many shall come from around the world to be healed….and arms shall grow out and eyes be restored. And you shall see into the bodies of the people and perform surgery and they shall be healed”…..prophesy from Bishop B. Diane Berry,WWCF August, 1986.
“Your ministry is great, healings like unto Bible times are yours for the people. Many shall be delivered from all types of mental ailments and bondages through your ministry. A great prophetic and teaching ministry is yours…. miracles, miracles, miracles” ….Bill Hamon’s Gifts of the Spirit Seminar, Christian International, 2006

Dr. Hazelwood was a founding member of WWCF. During her 15 years at God’s great ministry, she served the Lord in many capacities, including, but not limited to: church board member, secretary, announcer, choir and praise team member, Intercessor, phone counselor, radio panel member, editor of newsletter, Dean of Alpha and Omega Seminary and minister.
God’s woman is mother to Donielle and Kenneth (Terry) and grandmother of Bernard, Kyle, Taylor, Kendall, Kent, Logan, Lyric, Elijah. Kennedy and Ridge. Pastor Hazelwood has been used by the Lord, not only through pulpit ministry and SOW ’s many outreaches, but she also maintained a vibrant 25 year prison ministry until 2003. Moreover, she has participated in many evangelistic and prophetic crusades and teaching seminars throughout the United States, and has been involved in Marketplace Ministry for the last two years. Dr Hazelwood holds degrees and certificates in Psychology, Philosophy, Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Divinity and Theology from Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Ministry School, Moody Bible Institute, Grace Theological Seminary, Malcolm X College and Chicago State University.
Dr. Hazelwood accepted Christ as a personal savior at the tender age of 8.while watching a Billy Graham television crusade. However, she was no stranger to the Lord, having had conversations with Him and having seen open visions come to pass dating back to two years of age. Her thirst for God’s Word led her to read the Bible through in its entirety three times by the age of 12. Her parents took her to Pilgrim Baptist Church several times each week where she learned the Word of God.. They also took her to many great healing crusades such as A.A. Allen and Oral Roberts which re-enforced her realization that God is real and that He cares for each of us. Her spiritual mentors include her mother, Mother Almetta Gary, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Bishop Corletta Harris Vaugh and Pastor Rod Parsley, her spiritual cover.
Dr. Hazelwood’s passion is to see souls saved and to have everyone know the Lord. for themselves. ”If people really knew Jesus, they would know how loved they are and would walk in the fullness and wholeness of the Lord”. As her earthly father, Derrick Gary, once told her, “If they knew better, they would do better”. Hence, lays the focal point of her life, to know God, to stand on the revelation that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord and to share that rhema lifestyle with the world. To God be the Glory!